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Inneractive’s energy technology measures the electro-dermal activity and temperature. This data is measured and processed by the hand biosensor and as an accurate representation of the aura colors, chakras and other vital and insightful information.
Dr. Valerie Hunt, a leading researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, conducted studies using sophisticated sensors to record subjects’ biofeedback data while clairvoyant healers described their aura. She discovered that bio-data frequencies and patterns were indicative of aura colors. Inneractive’s energy technology uses this same technique combined with biofeedback data graphs and reports to measure a person’s emotional-energetic state.
Only a licensed practitioner can treat physical, emotional or mental diseases. However, many clients have found Inneractive’s energy imaging technology to be a helpful tool in determining the overall mind-body-spirit condition of a client. In some instances, biofeedback devices are used to monitor stress and are often used as a relaxation technique, as cited by the Mayo Clinic.
The aura or energy field reflects the powerful connection our brain and nervous system create between the body, mind and spirit. A person’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored in the aura, which is why the aura and chakras can be used to determine underlying issues related to physical symptoms.
Resonance frequency measurements or Mora/Voll are very complex and use acupuncture points to measure frequency. Inneractive provides a user-friendly approach where data is collected and organized into easy-to-read charts and graphs by the intelligent software.
Kirlian photography uses a high voltage setup to display the corona or energy around fingers or feet. A person places their fingers on an electric plate and after a light shock a corona around their finger appears on the photo paper. Inneractive measures the energy flow and activity in the body by collecting biofeedback data, not an electric shock or stimulation.
Inneractive has thousands of clients worldwide—including therapists, health practitioners, healers and massage therapists—that have used our systems successfully, some dating back to as early as 1996. The value of our technology has been proven time and again in many different applications.

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